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Spring Cleanse 2023


starts Monday 8th May 2023

for 3 weeks.


Always a sliding scale!

The true cost of this class is $250+ 

(The value?  Too hard to put a $ on) ...but I always offer a sliding scale in order to fit your budget.


Please pay the amount you can afford - an amount which you know will be an investment in yourself, as well as in this tiny, one-woman business.

* If you are currently experiencing financial hardship but would really like to join this class, please let me know! I will be more than happy to work with you at a  "pay what you can" level. Health is wealth and we need you to feel your best! 



There are many, many hidden fees in running a small business...  websites, newsletter-company, zoom, taxes, health insurance, + etc…  thus it is really appreciated when you pay by Zelle, or use the “friends & family” feature on PayPal, so we may avoid even more fees being taken out of your payment.

Thank you so much for understanding. If you aren’t sure how to pay with these methods, please ask.  

For Zelle: 

use the phone number

917-330-6968 (Sacha Jones)

NOT my email address

Please then email me to let me know you've signed up.


May 8th cleanse.jpeg

Sacha Jones 
Holistic Living

offers three* nourish & cleanse classes annually ~

Post holidays - Reset

Spring - Refresh

Autumn - Reflect

Each session is an opportunity to revisit your wellness goals and to reconnect with your personal health needs.  We gather in community (from the comfort of your own home) so you have a built-in accountability team. You are worth it!

*sometimes there is a second spring or fall offering if there is enough interest.


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