Sacha Jones


Sacha Jones Holistic Living is a (teeny) one-woman-business, based out of the East Village, NYC  and the Western Catskills (NY).   Sacha is a Certified Holistic Nutrition Wellness Coach (a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition); a Lifecycle Celebrant (trained and certified in weddings and funerals at the Lifecycle Foundation & Institute); and a non-denominational Minister (ordained by the Universal Brotherhood Movement). For her earlier career in early childhood education she earned a Bachelors from CCNY and worked as a teacher for many years. 


Sacha is a lifelong learner and can often be found studying wellness in its many forms. She’s a potter, a gardener, a yogini, a writer of letters, a maker of hot sauce and kombucha and a lover of all things handmade.  She also dabbles from time to time in shibori, knitting, cyanotype, collage and basic sewing. And likes to refer to herself as a Multipotentialite, because that’s much kinder and true to her non-linear, curious self, than the phrase “jill of all trades”.

Sacha moved from the UK to New York City in 1988 to be an au pair for a year, but the city claimed her heart (she says it was her first love) - and while she did try for two very short spells to live back in the UK, she kept being pulled back and has essentially been a New Yorker ever since. 


However, her early childhood memories of playing outside, being around plants and animals and caring for the earth, have really truly informed who she is as an adult, and she is very much nurtured by being in nature.  Balancing her  life between city and country nowadays has been the best gift ever and for this she is truly grateful.

Sacha Jones Holistic Living is a global company - Sacha works with individuals, couples, small groups and larger cleanse groups around the world, which she absolutely loves.

(Please also check out to learn about the work she does as a Lifecycle Celebrant).