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"Sacha is an exceptional holistic health coach. She has 15+ years of health coaching experience plus a lifetime of learning around health and healing. She is caring, thoughtful, and truly creative in her approach to working with clients on living their best lives and achieving their desired health outcomes. She also has a balanced approach and doesn't prescribe to a rigid mindset when it comes to what makes for a healthy lifestyle. Sacha has overcome her own health challenges and has been a real inspiration to me in terms of how to heal while still having so much joy around food and living. She's also so knowledgable about using herbs and other natural remedies. She has provided me with so many resources and she's the first person I go to when I have a question about natural remedies and getting healthier. Her health coaching style is meeting clients where they are and devising clear plans of action for getting healthier and achieving their health and well-being goals.


Finally I have to say that Sacha is someone you want in your life. She brings magic and love wherever she goes. I recently sent her a letter writing out all that she’s brought to my life and it just went on and on. From knitting and pottery, gardening and outdoor play, letter writing and stamps, yoga and kombucha making, to creative thinking (the list goes on) and just such a unique and loving outlook on what’s important in life, Sacha has been one of the most influential people in my life and for that I am forever grateful." ❤️❤️❤️ SP, Bklyn

Thank you so much, Sacha!  Your cleanse was the best thing EVER! I have a different, more peaceful respect for my body and for my peace of mind. I've noticed so many nuances were able to bubble to the surface that have been calling to me all of my life. Now I can honor the callings and therefore honor myself more.   You really helped me so much! And, I've realized just how little food my body actually needs! And being off dairy feels really good. Grains as well. For now, I'm loving all of the good ways that you've taught me how to nurture and love MYSELF. As a woman who grew up in a family dominated by males, the value in what you do is priceless!!  Thank you so very much, Sacha - from the bottom of my big beautiful heart! Your program is Life changing!  Love you so much!"  Xoxoxox E, Callicoon, NY


I was initially drawn in by a friend who shared news of an upcoming cleanse on Facebook, and I thought "That's just what I need". I did the cleanse and found myself introduced to a whole new world I knew little about: New ways of thinking about healing and nourishment, the cleansing of both body and mind in a positive, joyful, life-giving manner that was really surprising, and the opportunity to be part of a community of funny, dynamic and lovely people from all over the world (that said, one can participate fully in the cleanses without any obligation to participate in a social capacity)." - Sara - Paris, France



“Sacha wow!!! What a wonderful experience your holistic cleanse has been. Your support and guidance over the three weeks was remarkable - support love and guidance truly has no boundaries. Even though I am in Oz and your based I New York, it felt as if you were right here with me..every step along the way. I feel empowered and have gained some wonderful new rituals if think I will now have for life. Thank you so much Sacha - I will be back on future cleanses and I am recommending you to everyone I know x”  – Olivia, Western Australia


“The cleanse helped me to become much more aware of what I eat and how food affects me emotionally and physically. I feel great. It motivated me to stop drinking caffeine, which was definitely affecting me a LOT (in a negative way). I gained a lot of useful information and many new recipes - which I absolutely love. I would recommend this cleanse highly!” – Julie, NYC


“A (Stiggly) Cleanse with Sacha Jones is an all encompassing self care program. It covers everything from buying yourself fresh flowers to journaling to hydrating to green cleaning to listening to your body to exercise to whole foods healthy eating and more. I wasn't sure a cleanse was for me, but hadn't been feeling well for quite some time. Sacha makes it gentle and easy - do what you can when you can-- with a warm up week and e-mail messages everyday in a very nurturing tone. At the end you have tools to keep for life! A wonderful program.” – Nan, Westchester NY 


"For years I thought about a (Stiggly) Cleanse as something nice and interesting, but not for me - I thought it would be too much work: and I would need all those ingredients that are hard to find in the countryside in Italy where I live. And the blender: do I really want to have a blender in my kitchen? The answer was no. So no blender, no Sacha Jones cleanse - this was pretty much my equation! But then I tried!!  And I discovered with joy that I could absolutely have fun, many benefits and feel great without a blender and without so many special ingredients. I spent three dream weeks: my home has been my personal retreat, my kitchen my little laboratory, the cleanse FaceBook community the best supporting group of friends and my body my temple. Thank you Sacha"  - Cristina (Arezzo, Italy)


"When I was asked by a friend to join her on a Sacha Jones cleanse, I didn't know much about it. What I soon discovered was each day Sacha would send us a beautiful email that was affirmative, inspiring and educative. I did not know that my fellow cleansers would be from at least 5 different countries, who shared victories, challenges, recipes and details of their lives on Sacha's private Facebook page. Now post cleanse I am caffeine and sugar free. My body aches less and even my home is cleaner, with the added bonus of losing 8 pounds. I am signing up for the next cleanse because I so enjoyed the camaraderie of the group and Sacha's lovely and sage advice!" - Jamie, NYC


"I feel more connected; my body feels healthier and healing, my meditations are more peaceful, my writing is better. What more can I ask for? Thanks Sacha, you are the absolute best." - Harold, NYC


"I realize and appreciate all the work and attention and love you put into these wonderful cleanses. Your energy mobilises, inspires, soothes and befriends us all!" - Mika, Paris


"I haven't used the antibiotics since the last cleanse and my skin is just glowing.  AND, I wanted to let you know that my digestive issues have completely cleared up. No more cramps, no more mid stomach pains, very little bloatedness!!! Yayyyy!!!! And THANK YOU!!!!  You have helped me so much!! Thank you!  Everybody should do a Sacha Jones Cleanse."  Nora, NYC


"I feel great! I am amazed!  Could it be possible that my wrinkles have diminished?" - Ann, NYC, NY


"I didn't ever go into deep cleanse mode but I can say this: I have drastically and permanently changed my diet as a result of this experience." - Lynne, California


"I feel focused young grasshopper...must be the turmeric..." - Marc, NY


"I can't tell you how self possessed, focused, aware, energized, slim, clean and calm I feel.  I feel delicious!"  Jessie, NYC!


"I have participated in nine Sacha Jones cleanses now, and each one has taken me more deeply into a place of health, of self-caring, of presence.  I look forward to many more opportunities to move closer to peace and well-being."  Kate, Spain


 "I've done three cleanses with Sacha Jones and can't say enough good things about the experience. There is so much to gain from concentrating for a few weeks on your wellness in the company of an amazing guide and so many fantastic co-cleansers from all over the globe. Each time I take something new and surprising from the experience. Everyone should do it two or three times a year. It just gets better every time."  William, Greece


    "Anyone who says: "I'm not made for a cleanse" just needs to switch the subject and object. Thanks to Sacha Jones, my syntax is now spot on: The cleanse is made for me. Endless discovery." Shelly, Paris


    "Cleansing with Sacha Jones is a gratefully life-changing experience and a wonderful gift to yourself!" Adrienne NYC


"After having done my first Sacha Jones Cleanse, I kept humming, singing and even shouting the Nina Simone song "Feeling Good" all day: "It's a new dawn, It's a new day, It's a new life For me,  And I'm feeling good...."  and here half-way through my second cleanse I am already humming again. Get ready for the screaming, dear world! Why not join the choir of happy cleansers and sing along with me?"   - Lisbeth, Denmark


"I feel privileged to have done 5 cleanses with Sacha. It's as gentle as you need it to be, a true eye opener. To me it felt like I was being carried along with the support from not only Sacha but the other fantastic people that I got to know." - Stacie, England

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