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Sacha has been running cleanse & nourish programs in some format or other since 2006 inspired by her personal healing journey and her studies at Inst. Integrative Nutrition.

Many of her clients came to her complaining of feeling tired and bloated and with the idea that it was "normal" to get sick two or three times a year, and she wanted to be able to work with more people than a one-on-one practice allowed.  Having benefited herself from the magic of group energy, the nourish & cleanse class was born.

It began as a group of 8 women in her east village apartment and has expanded to be a global classroom - hosting participants from the UK, Australia, Greece, Spain, France, Denmark, Canada, Italy, New Zealand... and all across the United States.
There really is a powerful 
healing force that emerges from group energy.  We can simultaneously play the role of cheerleader to others in the group, and feel nurtured and supported ourselves.  It's inspiring.

From her own experience, as well as that of her clients, Sacha became even more aware that "tiny tweaks" can make a big difference.  And that is a big focal point in these classes.  Everyone can tweak something, let something go, try something new - and by so doing, see benefits.

Things have changed a great deal across the last couple of decades, even in the years since Sacha started working in holistic wellness. There is a far greater understanding now, that what we eat affects how we feel (this was not always common knowledge). But it can still be overwhelming and confusing, so one of Sacha’s main intentions behind these classes is to demystify the world of wellness - to make it accessible, friendly, fun and delicious!

When Sacha first got sick with ulcerative colitis in 2003, she dove deep into research. (She didn’t have health insurance and was very determined to get better.)  This research became a full time study and led her to studying formally at IIN, eventually culminating in working with others and creating Sacha Jones Holistic Living (formerly Stiggly Holistics).

It has been so rewarding for Sacha to work with clients and observe how small daily changes can lead to profound life changes, but she realized that by exclusively working one-on-one, she couldn’t reach as many people as she wanted to. And thus, the group nourish & cleanse class was born. 


Working in a cozy group atmosphere of this kind is so rich and in and of itself is such a healing tool. We are tribal by nature and working hand-in-hand toward a common goal (in this case, feeling good) can be incredible. Most of us are much more inspired when we have accountability partners - and that is what these classes are really about.


Taking care of oneself can have an amazing ripple effect on those around us. Studies have shown that we tend to be highly influenced by our peers. For example, individuals within friend groups often have the same eating habits or body types - and this is in part because we subconsciously really want to fit in.  


In the context of these classes, sharing the common goal of feeling our best self is really contagious, in the best way.  By meeting in the private facebook group or on the weekly zoom calls, we feel truly encouraged to keep showing up for ourselves.  Even those who don’t participate in the social aspect of the class report back that getting the daily emails, listening to my daily podcasts and simply having awareness that we are doing this collectively has a really positive effect.  There is something very different about this experience than simply reading a book on dietary change.   What we do here is in real time. You will be held up, seen and loved.

And the ripple effect keeps on going.  When we feel better, we treat those around us (and the planet) better.

How the class works:

This class offers an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves - with our bodies, minds, hearts, souls. We do not work with a deprivation mindset but rather focus on lots of good stuff, kindness and love - what CAN we eat, what IS working well, and so on.

We get more comfortable in our kitchens by making lovely, simple, tasty meals. Nourishment is at the core as we give our digestive system a rest - and work to strengthen our immune systems.


We also explore non-food self-care rituals including fasting, decluttering,  journaling and daily walks.


These classes are designed as springboards into long term wellness, and are packed with information and tools to take with you when the class finishes. You will have access to our new VIP website, only open to members where you will find recipes and journal prompts and more fun stuff. 


A group class such as this is very much a community experience - the private facebook group  is made up of intelligent, thoughtful, kind souls from around the world, so you will have many cheerleaders. A group class offers a sense of accountability - with all the checking-in, we are more likely to stay present and help others do the same.

This class is tiered - we tread gently from chapter to chapter, rather than diving in at the deep end, as follows:


- We start with warm-up and wean-off period to help us prepare emotionally and practically.

- The following days are more deeply focused on cleansing, releasing and letting go.

- Then we have a period of gently reintegrating, applying the new information and recipes so we can keep the nourishing elements going forward. 

We learn so much about ourselves during these introspective periods that we are usually inspired to continue on the wellness journey, with all these new tools to guide us.

Sacha Jones Holistic Nourish Classes are offered thrice* a year.  "Reset" happens post-holidays at the beginning of the calendar year.  "Refresh" is a Spring cleanse.  And "Reflect" takes place in the Autumn.  We hope to see you in one, or all three.

* sometimes there are 2 offerings of the spring and fall classes, depending on interest.

Sliding Scale:

I really wish to keep my classes accessible to everyone, while also honoring my education, my experiences and my many years working to create these classes fresh and relevant.

I keep my prices steady and offer a range for a wide variety of incomes.  I ask that you please pay what you can afford, while at once appreciating the value of this work. If you can afford to pay more, please know that you are helping to keep the lights on at Sacha Jones Holistic Living and you help me to maintain the sliding scale option for others. 


Choose a price point that you know will feel like an investment in yourself and inspire you to stay present!

Important - there are many, many hidden fees in running a small business.  Websites, newsletter companies, zoom, health insurance, taxes, etc… it is thus really appreciated when you pay by Zelle or use the “friends and family” feature on PayPal so we can avoid even more fees being taken out of your payment.
(These options are for those who reside in the United States).  Thank you so much for understanding… if you aren’t sure how to pay with these methods, please ask.  

If you are paying by PayPal, please consider choosing an amount over $99, to factor in the fees. Thank you.


Questions? Send an email to:

sacha website3.heic
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