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About Stiggly Classes:

Online Cleanse & Nourish Classes


I created this cleanse & nourish class in 2006 when I realized that a lot of people in my community were (very often)expressing how tired and run down they were. It seemed to me like it was more "the norm" to feel bloated and exhausted, than vibrant and energized. It seemed like to most people it was a given that wintertime equalled a cold or the flu!  At the same time, I was experiencing such dramatic healing for myself by altering what I ate and how I lived. And I was seeing the same in my clients, even though I had just started my practice.


I realized there was (and is) a strong disconnect between what we eat and how we feel. We have come a long way in a short time, and there is a lot more awareness around food and energy. Which is exciting. But there is still a lot of misinformation out there, and it can be confusing. 


When I got sick in 2003, I dove headfirst into research, it was close to being a full-time study. It certainly paid off, and indeed led me to choose this line of work to help and inspire others. Working one-on-one was exciting and life-changing (for them and me)... but then I realized that by running classes such as this I could help more people at the same time, and then I discovered the most beautiful bi-product of all - that the community aspect became a healing tool in and of itself! We are tribal by nature - working hand-in-hand toward a common goal (in this case feeling good) is very humane. Most of us are very much more inspired when we have accountability partners, and that is what these classes really are about.

I have also come to experience how self-care has a beautiful ripple effect. When we feel better we treat those around us better. And, a true motivator for me, the better we treat ourselves, the better we treat the planet. 

So what is a nourish and cleanse class?

- It's about reconnecting with ourselves - our bodies, minds, hearts, souls. It's about getting comfortable in our kitchens and being less afraid of cooking, making our bedrooms safe nurturing havens.

- As well as giving our digestive system a rest by eating simple & delicious, unprocessed home-cooked foods (seriously simple recipes); it's also time to nourish the whole self through daily self-care rituals. 


- These classes are designed as springboards into long term wellness, and are packed with information and tools to take with you when the class finishes. You will have access to our VIP website, only open to members. And, a group class such as this is very much a community experience - the sharing space forum is of course "secret/private", and is made up of intelligent, thoughtful, kind souls from around the world, so you will have many cheerleaders. One of the beautiful things about a group class is the accountability - with all the checking-in you are more likely to stay present and help another do the same.


- A Stiggly Cleanse & Nourish Class is a tiered process - as we go from phase-to-phase we are preparing practically, emotionally and physically for what's to come, rather than diving in at the deep end. 


- We start with Warm-up & wean-off week to help you prepare emotionally and practically, followed by ten days of cleansing, releasing and letting go.  Those days ten days are then followed by a three-four day gentle phase-out period.  

- We learn so much about ourselves during these introspective periods that we are usually inspired to continue on the wellness journey, with all these new tools to guide us.

- There is definitely not a deprivation mindset in these class, just lots of good stuff, kindness and love.

Sliding Scale:

I really wish to keep my classes accessible to everyone, while also honouring my work, and being able to pay my own rent. I keep my prices steady and offer a range for a wide variety of incomes. I ask everyone to pay what they can afford, while at once appreciating the value of this work. If you can afford to pay more, please know that you are helping to keep the lights on at Stiggly Holistics, and you also help me to maintain the sliding scale option. Choose a price point that you know will feel like an investment in self and inspire you to stay present!


Price points of $150 have some optional bonus options. 
The "true value" of this class is upwards of $200, but I start my sliding scale at $79, just because!

If you pay by Venmo or use the Friends & Family feature of PayPal, you have the option to choose the amount you pay for this class, upwards of $79. This option I believe, is unfortunately only available within the United States.

UPDATE Spring 2020: 
If you are currently experiencing financial hardship, I would like to offer this class as "pay what you can" so please just let me know. I would love to avoid fees if at all possible, so please consider paying via Venmo.


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