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One-On-One Wellness ConsulTations with Sacha 



I am offering a special offer for all first time consultations, of just $75 for one hour or $45 for 30 minutes.   All sessions are by zoom or phone and are generally between Monday-Thursday, between 10 and 5.  Regular pricing varies based on frequency.   Please email me to make an appointment. As always, Zelle is highly preferable to avoid further costs to this tiny business. thank you.





"Sacha is an exceptional holistic health coach. She has 15+ years of health coaching experience plus a lifetime of learning around health and healing. She is caring, thoughtful, and truly creative in her approach to working with clients on living their best lives and achieving their desired health outcomes. She also has a balanced approach and doesn't prescribe to a rigid mindset when it comes to what makes for a healthy lifestyle. Sacha has overcome her own health challenges and has been a real inspiration to me in terms of how to heal while still having so much joy around food and living. She's also so knowledgable about using herbs and other natural remedies. She has provided me with so many resources and she's the first person I go to when I have a question about natural remedies and getting healthier. Her health coaching style is meeting clients where they are and devising clear plans of action for getting healthier and achieving their health and well-being goals.


Finally I have to say that Sacha is someone you want in your life. She brings magic and love wherever she goes. I recently sent her a letter writing out all that she’s brought to my life and it just went on and on. From knitting and pottery, gardening and outdoor play, letter writing and stamps, yoga and kombucha making, to creative thinking (the list goes on) and just such a unique and loving outlook on what’s important in life, Sacha has been one of the most influential people in my life and for that I am forever grateful. ❤️❤️❤️"  SP

"Dearest Sacha - I cannot express how much gratitude I have for our sessions. It has been a long time since I have had someone to speak to about my hopes, fears and dreams. I not only feel supported and heard, I also most importantly, have found a sacred safe place to share my thoughts and feelings in order to get clarity and wisdom. I truly do honor our sessions and look forward to speaking with you again soon. Lots of Love & Gratitude" - LG

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